2024 Newsletters

June 2024Vice Commander Charles "Chas" Hague
May 2024Scott Dicks
April 2024Brad & Nikki Acker: Egypt Red Sea Liveaboard
March 2024Gina LaLiberte: Algae and Blue-green Algae Blooms
February 2024Emily Heald
January 2024Lisie Kitchel: Native mussels/clams of Wisconsin

2023 Newsletters

December 2023(None: Holiday Party!)
November 2023Tinamarie Hernandez and Jim Elliot: Update from Diveheart
October 2023Ed Bieber
September 2023Rick Krueger
August 2023Paul Dearlove: Clean Lakes Alliance
July 2023Brendon Baillod
June 2023John Fafinski & Ellen Evans
May 2023Dr. Amy Rosenbrough: Wisconsin's Lost Costal Communities
April 2023Cara Moll, PA-C: Travel Medicine
March 2023Zach Whitrock: Photogrammetry
February 2023(None)
January 2023(None)

2022 Newsletters

December 2022Holiday Party
November 2022(None)
October 2022Shark Appreciation Night
September 2022Koz: Diving Panama
August 2022Brad and Nikki Acker: Belize and Costa Rica
July 2022John Fafinski and Ellen Evans: Recent Dive Trips
June 2022(None: Mini-Golf)
May 2022Gayle Orner: Roaring River Cave Exploration
April 2022Robert Johnson: Diving for Aquatic Research
March 2022Tamara Thomsen: Dug-Out Canoe
February 2022Antonia Gascoyne: Flooding in the Lake Wingra Watershed
January 2022(None: Canceled)

2021 Newsletters

December 2021(None: Holiday Party)
November 2021Russ Green: Wisconsin Shipwreck Coast National Marine Sanctuary
October 2021Brendan Baillod: Lake Michigan's Fox Islands
September 2021(None: Social Event)
August 2021Bill Hoernke: Indonesia
July 2021Maya Gomez
June 2021Elections and Video
May 2021Several: Cephalopod Appreciation Month
April 2021(None: Social Event)
March 2021Diveheart
February 2021(None: Social Event)
January 2021(None: Social Event)

2020 Newsletters

December 2020(None: Holiday Party)
November 2020(None: Virtual Event)
October 2020(None: Virtual Event)
September 2020Kevin Buch: Scientific Diving
Annette Smith: Diving in Alaska
July 2020John-Aaron Bozanic: 1,000,000 Pieces of Trash
June 2020(None: Virtual Event)
May 2020(None: Virtual Event)
April 2020(None: Virtual Event)
March 2020Greg McCune: SS Newbrn Shipwreck
February 2020(None: Social Event)
January 2020Gayle Orner: In Hunt of Megalodon Teeth

2019 Newsletters

December 2019Holiday Party!
November 2019John Fafinski: Processing Underwater Photos
October 2019Dan Gross: Outhouse Bottle Digging
September 2019Cassandra Johnson: Dunbar Rock, Honduras
August 2019(Mini-golfing)
July 2019John, Ellen, Rob, Mary, Brad, Nikki: North Sulawesi, Indonesia
June 2019Tina Marie Hernandez: Diveheart Updates
April 2019Tori Galloway: Living Museums of the Sea -- Shipwrecks of Dominican Republic
April 2019Lisa Vorburger: Lembeh, Indonesia
March 2019Andy Bachhuber, Bob Dankert, Brad Acker, Gayle Orner: Castle Rock Cave
February 2019Jim Troupis: Australia and Papua New Guinea
January 2019Bill Hoernke: PADI Scuba Instructor Development Course

2018 Newsletters

December 2018(Holiday Party)
November 2018Vivian Weber: Diving in Sulawesi
October 2018John and Ellen: Indonesia Trip Report Part II
September 2018Brad: The Shark Wrangler
August 2018Casi Johnson: Taveuni Island, Fiji
July 2018(Tenney Park Locks Tour)
June 2018Rodney Taylor: Underwater Photography
May 2018Jim Elliot: Diveheart
April 2018Tamara Thomsen: Wreck of the Railroad Car Ferry Milwaukee
March 2018Divers Helping Divers Q&A
February 2018John and Ellen: Indonesia Trip Report Part I
January 2018John Janzen: Diving the Senator

2017 Newsletters

December 2017(Holiday Party)
November 2017Leah Potts: OWUSS Rolex Scholarship
October 2017Ed Sorenson: Not All Live-Aboards Are the Same
September 2017Tori Kiefer: Goodrich Steamship line (Atlanta, Arctic, Wisconsin)
August 2017Jesse Weinzinger: Mussel Monitoring Program
July 2017Sam Fey: Global change and its effect on the ecology
June 2017(Mini-golfing)
May 2017Brad & Nikki: Palau and Micronesia
February 2017John & Ellen: Galapagos Islands
January 2017

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