We had another perfect day for DEF. Thank you to our host, Randy!
THE DIVE: There was good viz for a few feet and then again below 30 feet. It was very warm above the thermocline. In the 40’s below it. The granite walls are always cool to look at with the sun coming up over them. Divers found a little trash, a wallet with ID and credit cards, cell phone, Apple watch, ring, $6.15, a shirt worth keeping, and a grill top. John and Ellen replenished their supply of “Quarry Glasses”. They use them on vacation. It’s nice not to have to worry about losing glasses on a dive boat.

THE EATS: Grilling outside with friends is a treat. There were many tasty dishes to sample including garden fresh vegetables, pasta salad, deviled eggs, cookies and Caprese skewers.

THE FLOAT: Gayle appears to have taken over as the person to puncture her flotation. She made it down the Mecan with the air left in the pillow part of her float. We saw a few other floaters and kayakers, but otherwise it was a peaceful trip.

EAT SOME MORE: Some of us sat awhile longer enjoying the conversation and more food.
What a fun filled day. Join us next year.

Dive, Eat, Float 2023