A big thank you to Jim and Tinamarie from Diveheart for driving all the way up from Chicago to present at the November meeting. Jim is excited about plans to build a deep warm water pool and other future plans. They both were disappointed to have to cancel trips and pool sessions during the pandemic lock down. But were able to use the time very productively. They updated the website, training materials and media kit. And did a lot of reorganizing.

We haven’t seen our friends at Diveheart in a few years. During that time, they have grown. There are more people on the team and more teams around the country.

Jim and Tinamarie showed a couple of inspirational videos showcasing adaptive divers.

They send their thanks to everyone who donated gear. Thank you also to Diversions for helping to coordinate some of the collection.

Are you interested in learning more, making a donation, getting certified as an adaptive dive buddy, or referring an adaptive diver to their program?

Call 630-964-1983

Email info@diveheart.org

US mail 900 OGDEN AVE. #274, DOWNERS GROVE, IL 60515

Website https://www.diveheart.org/

YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/DiveheartFoundation/videos

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diveheart/