Join us on September 13th at 7pm at Benvenuto’s Fitchburg for our next meeting and speaker:

Our speaker this month is local celebrity Rick Krueger, as seen in the August issue of Madison Magazine. Better known as Radio Rick. “I’m a lifelong resident of the city of Madison who grew up on our chain of lakes. After getting certified in 1991 I bought a boat and outfitted it with the “latest, greatest” sonar available at the time (in my budget of course). When side scan sonar was made available by Humminbird in 2005 they sent me a demo unit to see how it would work for locating drowning victims. I quickly released the potential of this new technology and have updated my equipment whenever new systems are available. Since I retired over 12.5 years ago I shoot for being on the water at least 100 times a year, scanning the bottom looking for lost “treasures”. To date I’ve located over 70 sunken boats in the Madison chain as well as literally tons of other objects. We’ll be looking at some of the more interesting finds. Tami Thomsen has dove on and photographed a lot of the boats that you’ll be seeing tonight. While I still dive most of my time is spent searching and using my Aqua-Vu camera to identify what I can.”

September Meeting