January 2018 Meeting: John Janzen

Join us Wednesday, January 10 at 7:30pm at Babe’s for the monthly meeting. Speaking this month is John Janzen’s recent dive as part of the first team of divers to see the Senator, 430 feet below Lake Michigan.

Also take a look at this month’s newsletter. Highlights include a continuation John and Ellen’s recent Indonesi dive trip report; an upcoming Cozumel trip; and a recap of a talk of diving the flooded Baraboo iron range mines by Tamara Thomsen and Mark Langenfeld.

November 2017 Speaker: Leah Potts

Join us at Babe’s this Wednesday at 7:30pm for a presentation by Leah Potts, who will share her diving experiences as part of the Rolex scholarship. Each year, only three people around the world are selected. The scholars have the opportunity to work with industry dive leaders, receive specialized dive training, and go to some amazing places.

Learn more in this month’s newsletter.

August 2017 Meeting: Jesse Weinzingeer

This month’s meeting will be Wednesday, August 10 at 7:30 PM at Babe’s. This month’s speaker is Jesse Weinzinger from the Mussel Monitoring Program of Wisconsin.

Freshwater mussels  are one of the most imperiled groups of animals on the planet, with 70% of the world’s mussel species declining. In Wisconsin, more than half of the 51 native mussel species are endangered, threatened, or listed as species of concern. Learn from Jesse what divers can do to help with the Mussel Monitoring Program of Wisconsin’s efforts.

Jesse Weinzinger

Also be sure to check out August’s newsletter for a recap of the Dive Eat Float event. See you all on Wednesday!

Dive Eat Float 2017

Join Four Lakes Scuba Club on Saturday, July 29 for the 13th annual Dive Eat Float event! More details will be coming soon.

  • Dive at Redgranite Quarry
  • Social picnic at Randy’s
  • Float down the Mecan River

June 2017 Meeting and Newsletter

This Wednesday, June 14, join us across the street from the usual meeting location: Vitense Golfland! We’ll be mini-golfing starting at 7:00pm–note the time change.

The cost will be $7.50 per adult and $6 for kids. If you want to go and didn’t sign up last meeting, please email your RSVP to info@fourlakesscubaclub.org. If you signed up and can’t go, please also let us know. Our regular monthly meetings at Babe’s will resume in July.

Additionally, check out the June 2017 newsletter! Included in this issue:

  • Invasive species workshop on Tuesday, June 13
  • Clean Boats, Clean Waters volunteer opportunity
  • Recap of Take a Stake in Our Waters

Frontier of Decompression Research talk by Dr. Peter Buzzacott

Four Lakes SCUBA Club and Hoofers SCUBA Club present Dr. Peter Buzzacott, who will be presenting on the frontiers of decompression research. This special event will be held at the Memorial Union‘s Mendota Lodge on April 24th at 7PM.

The Frontier of Decompression Research

Recent years have seen an explosion of fascinating research into decompression sickness, including having divers lay down on a vibrating mat before diving, putting them in a sauna, eating a few squares of dark chocolate an hour before diving, even looking at the genetic determinants of resistance to decompression sickness. This presentation will highlight recent studies and current investigations into decompression sickness, plus offer some tips for avoiding the bends.

Dr. Buzzacott is a former recreational and technical diving instructor with over 500 issued certifications. He is employed by Divers Alert Network (DAN) in North Carolina as the Director of Injury Monitoring and Prevention. He has had 50 scientific papers and four book chapters published, plus around 200 feature articles in dive magazines. Peter is a certified advanced trimix cave diver and is a regular speaker at dive shows and conferences including OZTeK, DEMA, Our World Underwater, and Boston Sea Rovers.