Get ready to help take a stake in our waters and help clean up our local lakes and waterways. Everybody’s invited to the 2017 events–divers, snorkelers, and shore crew.

December 2019Holiday Party!
November 2019John Fafinski: Processing Underwater Photos
October 2019Dan Gross: Outhouse Bottle Digging
September 2019Cassandra Johnson: Dunbar Rock, Honduras
August 2019(Mini-golfing)
July 2019John, Ellen, Rob, Mary, Brad, Nikki: North Sulawesi, Indonesia
June 2019Tina Marie Hernandez: Diveheart Updates
April 2019Tori Galloway: Living Museums of the Sea -- Shipwrecks of Dominican Republic
April 2019Lisa Vorburger: Lembeh, Indonesia
March 2019Andy Bachhuber, Bob Dankert, Brad Acker, Gayle Orner: Castle Rock Cave
February 2019Jim Troupis: Australia and Papua New Guinea
January 2019Bill Hoernke: PADI Scuba Instructor Development Course

All dives require a dive flag. Don’t forget one!

Diversions SCUBA will provideĀ no cost air fills for these five events. Diversions also has low cost rentals while supplies last. Call ahead.
Fine print: Regular air fills only. Tank VIP/fill, Nitrox, or Trimix not included. Contact Diversions SCUBA for complete details.

Everything is subject to change. Updates will be made as soon as possible and emailed out to the group.

2017 Community Service Dives