Here are several exciting updates from our monthly Zoom meeting last night.

WUAA Symposium

Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association (WUAA) is holding its symposium virtually and for free on Saturday, October 24th from 10am – 1pm on Facebook Live. Info here. Get your Shipwreck Bingo cards ready!

Cleanup Dives

We’ll be doing a couple of Lake Cleanup Dives over the next several weeks:

  • This Saturday, October 17th at 8:45am, we’ll be meeting at the top of Lake Street by the Wisconsin Alumni Center. This is the same location that we found so much junk this spring. Remember to bring a dive flag, bags for hauling trash, and a mask. If there isn’t parking available, drop off your gear next to the water and park on the street or in the Lake Street ramp.
  • Next Sunday, October 25th at 9am, we’ll be doing a Yahara River cleanup drift dive. We’ll meet at the MSCR Boathouse near Tenney Park and drift down to the other side of the isthmus. Shore support and canoeists are welcome to help out! Because of the need to shuttle divers back to the starting point, more coordination is needed, and details will follow. Let Brad know if you’re interested. Update: this event is canceled.

With both of these events, remember that preventing the spread of Covid is a top concern. Please wear a mask and bring along a ziplock baggie to keep it dry while diving.

Looking Ahead

If you know of ideas for virtual speakers, let us know. November is currently open.

As per tradition, December’s monthly meeting will be an end-of-year holiday banquet. Just over Zoom instead of in-person. Plan on fun, revelry, fun drinks, and awards for the most local dives and getting in all four of our local lakes.

October Happenings