Hope you’re all having a great spring so far. Join us on June 14th at 7pm at Benvenuto’s Fitchburg for our next meeting and speaker:

Lisie Kitchel is a Conservation Biologist with the WDNR Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation, formerly the Bureau of Endangered Resources.  She is trained as an aquatic ecologist and works on rare aquatic species statewide.  She has been chasing our native mussels and other aquatic organisms around the state for over 20 years.  Conservation of our native freshwater mussels is her passion and one which she enjoys sharing with others who enjoy the lakes, rivers and streams of Wisconsin.

Our native mussels/clams of Wisconsin

We will explore one of Wisconsin’s most diverse, yet hidden treasures, the freshwater mussel.  Learn all about our state’s 50 native species, where they can be found, their fascinating life cycle, including their dependence on fish and ways they fool them, and amazing contributions to the history of Wisconsin, from food to buttons to pearls. You are guaranteed to come away with a greater appreciation of these unique animals and their beauty.

June Meeting