We had wonderful weather for our second weekend of dives. Thank you to everyone who came out to help! Special thanks to Dane County for providing the barge on both days.

On Saturday, a group of six took the barge from Fish Camp to Lake Kegonsa Williams Point. Last year we found a lot of anchors, but John and Ellen lost most of them when their float tipped. This year unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) we didn’t find nearly as much–maybe six anchors total.

We made up for that on Sunday with a big group at the Lake Mendota Lake Street Boat Ramp. Some of the divers went towards the Memorial Union and found signs, a ladder, two skateboards, a handful of vape pens, sunglasses galore, a dorm moving cart, a wallet with ID and credit cards, and the typical assortment of bottles, cans, and Solo cups. Brad and Greg both found cell phones, and one of them turned on! Tami even found a unique toy. Most of the divers went to the right along the fraternities, and they pulled up a staggering number of chairs and other big things.

2023 Cleanup Dives, Week 2
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