Phoenix Party 2023

The traditional annual anchor-boil continued another year in 2023. This year’s Phoenix Party was a great success! The rain subsided shortly earlier in the afternoon and we stayed dry. We had about a dozen attendees and enjoyed some delicious steak sizzlers, mushrooms, and pie.

There were plenty of anchors that got cooked and doused in cold water. To our surprise, one of the anchor’s stems disappeared in the fire. Danny found it the next morning as a blob of aluminum in the ashes.

Special thanks to Danny and Betsy for inviting us over to their wonderful garden and hosting the event another year!

October Meeting

Join us on October 11th at 7pm at Benvenuto’s Fitchburg for our next meeting and speaker:

Our speaker, Ed Bieber, was featured in our local paper and has agreed to come talk to our club. “I scuba dive, clean up our waterways from trash, find treasures along the way, meet a bunch of cool people, inspire other and make videos for my social media channels. I’m a spur of the moment kind of guy.” Come welcome Ed and hear about his interesting finds.

Lake Wazee Dive

Join us Sunday, September 17th for the Four Lakes Scuba Club Lake Wazee dive. We will meet at 9:00 AM at The Wall which is dive site #2 on the map. The first dive will be at the wall, we will have a surface interval and then move to another site for our second dive.

Fees: There is a $5.00 per person dive fee and a $5.00 per car fee, payable at the lake. Bring exact change because it’s usually self registration.

Bring: Dive gear, C-Card, snacks or lunch, water, dive flag (required)

Any questions email

September Meeting

Join us on September 13th at 7pm at Benvenuto’s Fitchburg for our next meeting and speaker:

Our speaker this month is local celebrity Rick Krueger, as seen in the August issue of Madison Magazine. Better known as Radio Rick. “I’m a lifelong resident of the city of Madison who grew up on our chain of lakes. After getting certified in 1991 I bought a boat and outfitted it with the “latest, greatest” sonar available at the time (in my budget of course). When side scan sonar was made available by Humminbird in 2005 they sent me a demo unit to see how it would work for locating drowning victims. I quickly released the potential of this new technology and have updated my equipment whenever new systems are available. Since I retired over 12.5 years ago I shoot for being on the water at least 100 times a year, scanning the bottom looking for lost “treasures”. To date I’ve located over 70 sunken boats in the Madison chain as well as literally tons of other objects. We’ll be looking at some of the more interesting finds. Tami Thomsen has dove on and photographed a lot of the boats that you’ll be seeing tonight. While I still dive most of my time is spent searching and using my Aqua-Vu camera to identify what I can.”

Dive, Eat, Float 2023

We had another perfect day for DEF. Thank you to our host, Randy!
THE DIVE: There was good viz for a few feet and then again below 30 feet. It was very warm above the thermocline. In the 40’s below it. The granite walls are always cool to look at with the sun coming up over them. Divers found a little trash, a wallet with ID and credit cards, cell phone, Apple watch, ring, $6.15, a shirt worth keeping, and a grill top. John and Ellen replenished their supply of “Quarry Glasses”. They use them on vacation. It’s nice not to have to worry about losing glasses on a dive boat.

THE EATS: Grilling outside with friends is a treat. There were many tasty dishes to sample including garden fresh vegetables, pasta salad, deviled eggs, cookies and Caprese skewers.

THE FLOAT: Gayle appears to have taken over as the person to puncture her flotation. She made it down the Mecan with the air left in the pillow part of her float. We saw a few other floaters and kayakers, but otherwise it was a peaceful trip.

EAT SOME MORE: Some of us sat awhile longer enjoying the conversation and more food.
What a fun filled day. Join us next year.

August Meeting

Join us on August 9th at 7pm at Benvenuto’s Fitchburg for our next meeting and speaker:

This Month we welcome Paul Dearlove as our featured speaker.

Paul Dearlove, deputy director of Clean Lake Alliance will talk to us about their vision, how they plan to get there and what we can do to help.
Clean Lakes Alliance is a nonprofit organization devoted to improving the water quality of the lakes, streams, and wetlands of the Yahara River Watershed.
They are a unique partnership of diverse stakeholders who are building on and expanding upon decades of ongoing efforts to preserve and restore our waters.
Their goal is to raise community awareness of the issues facing the watershed, advocate for the welfare of our lakes, and help procure the necessary funding to clean and protect these waterways.
They work closely with state, county and local government agencies, waterway user groups, lakefront property owners, and community nonprofits to serve as both a positive voice for the promotion of our cherished lakes and a fundraising vehicle for achieving these ends.

Dive, Eat, Float

Come join us for Dive, Eat, Float on Saturday, August 5th.

Dive: Meet at Redgranite Quarry at 9 am on the pickle factory side.

Eat: Meet at Randy’s place at about noon. Bring your own meat or protein for the grill, beverages, lawn chair, and a dish to pass.

Float: After lunch float down the Mecan. Eat some more after the float, if you would like.

We welcome all…
divers, snorkelers, tubers, “support crew”

  • Come for the dive, stay for the picnic.
  • Come for the picnic, stay for the float.
  • Come for the day, do it all. More fun than any water park!

You’ll need

  • Dive gear
  • “rock proof” tube or flotation device
  • “rock proof” shoes for the river
  • Camp chair
  • Small dish to pass
  • Soft or fermented drink for yourself
  • Something to grill for yourself
  • Sunscreen


Red Granite Quarry

Red Granite Quarry to Randy’s

Direct to Randy’s Place